Vermont Retail Opt-in Map

Find out if your town has Opted-In for Retail Cannabis sales. Using the interactive map below made by our friends at Heady Vermont, you can find the most up-to-date information regarding where the issue of retail cannabis lies in each town and city across the state.

According to Act 164, Section 863, municipalities must “Opt-In” to permit cannabis retail and integrated licenses from operating within city limits.

 “Prior to a cannabis retailer or an integrated licensee operating within a municipality, the municipality shall affirmatively permit the operation of such cannabis establishments by majority vote of those present and voting by Australian ballot at an annual or special meeting warned for that purpose. A municipality may place retailers or integrated licensees, or both, on the ballot for approval.”

If your town has failed to opt-in, is currently holding a vote, or has yet to take up the issue, reach out to us via our Contact page to discuss how Vermont NORML can help bring retail cannabis to your town.

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