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Well here we are! It’s the end of May, the feeling of summer is right around the corner, and we here at VT NORML are excited to bring you an update on Vermont’s adult-use cannabis market. Both legislative bodies have been hard at work on S.25, listening to testimony and considering questions on advertising, environmental requirements, and more.

Important information has come out of S.25 regarding when licenses will be issued across all tiers, recommendations for the future of advertising, a newly added member of the Advisory Board, and more! This post will detail the important dates which have just been released.

Additionally, the Senate undertook some recommendations regarding the makeup of the Advisory Committee, which will play an integral role in shaping Vermont’s cannabis market. Thanks to the efforts of Vermont NORML and other cannabis activists in VT, another member of the Advisory Committee has been added. This new member will be from the Marijuana for Symptom Relief Oversight Committee and will work hard to defend the rights of medical patients in our state.

While S.25 is important for providing Vermonters with information they have long been deprived of, it simultaneously fails to address many of the shortcomings of Act 164, namely the Cannabis Business Development Fund. The Fund is set up to finance grants and loans for social equity applicants to start their cannabusiness. Lawmakers, however, could not agree on certain details regarding the fund, thus leaving many questions unanswered.

Other changes made to S.25 that were not detailed here touch on the following subjects: advertising, Vermont Medical Program, THC caps, licensing fees, and more. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding S.25, Vermont Cannabis, and VT NORML. We are here to educate, connect, and build a sustainable market that works for all Vermonters. But most importantly, we are here to GROW TOGETHER.

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